Loafer Shoes

Loafer Shoes

Loafer Shoes

A loafer is low heeled or even flat lace less ankle exposed shoe that is easily slipped on and off the foot. The sole of a loafer is stitched separately from its upper that gives it the distinctive look.

The birth of the loafer shoe comes from the story when King George VI ordered London's Matthew and Rebecca Wildsmith to make him a casual, indoor shoe that he could wear every day. The Wildsmiths loafer (582 (later the Model 98)) was created, and this variation and design became very popular over time.

Another story believed to the birth of loafers came from Norway by a shoemaker named Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger. Legends say he originally created a pair of moccasins that were like what the Iroquois wore but more accommodating to Norway's colder weather. It is believed Tveranger combined the moccasin slipper to an outdoor shoe to create what were known as Aurland Loafer Shoes. These are seen as the evolved modern-day loafer after he began exporting them across Europe and to America.

The loafer is an ultra-casual yet modern outdoor alternative to brogues and even trainers in today’s fashion world. You may see loafers being worn as driving shoes because of his ease and comfort to being even matched up with chinos to give that cool summer look. Loafers now comes in many different variations from materials, colours and even with or without embellishments. If you are looking for casual footwear that works well with just about any kind of outfit, the loafer might be just what you're looking for.

Our Marc Brunell “Luke” leather loafers are our carefully created “Smart” casual loafers. They are designed more for the formal events but a great pair of shoes to wear with a summer shirt and chinos and even jeans on a night out. The silhouette is narrow providing a slim fit look and feel. To stand out from the rest our loafers have 2 not so long dangling tassels, our distinctive maroon colour stitching around the sole and comes in 2 colours to suit your outfit.

Give our Marc Brunell “Luke” Loafers a try and be amazed of its comfort and quality.

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