Oxford and Derby Shoes

Oxford and Derby Shoes

Oxford and derby shoes

The oxford shoe is a distinctive design in which the eyelet area is concealed underneath the vamp (upper part of the shoe), and the laces appear to be like a V shape closed design.

In the oxford shoe family you may also come across the derby shoe which is a very similar design.  However the difference between the derby and the oxford is that the derby is designed where the eyelet area is stitched on top of the vamp and appear to be in an open laced design.

The oxford is a classic and has been a pioneer shoe for many decades. It considered to be the simplest of men’s shoes that provides you the clean-cut Elegance and style look for formal events and to be a must in your wardrobe.

So where did it all start? Well as the name suggest the oxford shoe was invented at Oxford University, Oxford, UK.

The oxford shoe is derived from a rigid boot with high heels called Oxonian, which was extremely popular in the 1800s. However, it was not the best-looking boot and wasn’t at all comfortable and so the students designed the oxford shoe for the sheer purpose of being a shoe that provides them comfort whilst walking in and around the university. To them it was just in hope of something being a smarter alternative to the Oxonian. At the time, the students didn’t know what they had created would become a historic modern style fashion icon it is today all over the world.

A look back in time of the Oxonian boots.

Where oxford is the classic respected shoe to wear on big events for example like weddings, lavish parties and VIP events. The derby is more of a modern every day formal shoe that is popular with achieving the smart casual look, smart yet easy office shoes and even as the name suggest worn at the races like Ascot with a nice suit.

Both the oxford and derby have many designs of their own such as wholecut oxfords, toe cap oxfords, plain derbies and wingtip derbies. But even hybrids models with other men’s shoes designs are on the rise for example you may see Oxfords as an Oxford brogue shoe and a derby designed into a derby brogue shoe etc. The list and possibilities are endless.

Our “Oliver” Marc Brunell shoes is a complete hybrid between an oxford and derby. Whilst the laces are in an open design it has been crafted keeping the silhouette in mind of an oxford. We have achieved a narrower and slimmer look in compared to any of our shoes in this design. Whilst the cap toe is plain, we added a detailed wingtip to the design for a distinctive look. Noticing the colours? Yes, our signature Maroon colour can be seen alongside the stitching of the sole and the laces to stand out.

Give our Marc Brunell “Oliver” shoes a try and be amazed.

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