Leather Care

Leather Care

Well done you purchased your shoes and like every expensive thing we buy we want to make the most out of it and preserve it as long as possible. Our guide here will help you achieve the best after care you will need to keep your shoes looking just as new as you first worn them.

Step 1

Make sure your shoes are completely dry before any process. If the shoes are wet inside place newspaper in them to draw moisture out of the leather. Remove the laces so you can get in between any small areas like the eyelids and tongue for a through clean. Once dry place your provided shoe tree inside the shoes to start the cleaning process.

Using a damp cloth or brush and slid the cloth or brush on the surface of the leather. Paying particular attention to removing small particles like dirt, dust, and sand from within the lace holes and indentations.

Use an old damp toothbrush to clean around the welts (the strip of leather or rubber that runs along the perimeter of the outer sole).

Step 2

Apply leather conditioner to the shoes, taking care to spread the conditioner evenly. Don’t worry if some of the product goes into the holes, as this can be removed later. Massage into the leather using circular motions (just like the karate kid wax on, wax off) and don’t forget to apply the conditioner to the leather welts and soles. Allow the conditioner to dry into the leather for approximately 30 minutes, before removing any excess product with a cloth.

A leather conditioner is great for stiff shoes. Shoes become stiff because leather dries out and it hasn’t been nurtured. Therefore, applying the conditioner, periodically, enables nourish and soften the leather.

Make sure the conditioner you use is not of any colour as applying a coloured conditioner can change the colour appearance of the shoes. It is always best to test a small dot on an area of the shoe where it is less likely to be seen for example try the area on the top of the heel. 

Step 3

Apply wax polish to the shoes by massaging into the leather using circular motions. A Wax polish will restore the leather and act as a water repellent protecting the shoes.

Make sure the wax polish you use is to the nearest of colour as to the shoes. It is always best to test a small dot on an area of the shoe where it is less likely to be seen for example try the area on the top of the heel. 

Allow the wax to naturally dry into the leather and do not use any heat like a hairdryer or put in direct sunlight as this can cause the leather to having wrinkles or small cracks.

Step 4

If too much product i.e. the conditioner or wax has been used carefully remove this with a clean cloth and do not use the same cloth at any time.

Step 5

Once sufficient time has passed to allow the conditioner and wax to ‘seep’ into the leather (approx 2 hours or overnight), the leather should now be smooth to allow with a clean cloth to buff shine the leather. Do not over do it and polish only with a little bit of force you want a shine not to burn calories by doing it rigorously.

And there you are! All done!

Always make sure when the shoes are off your feet to insert the shoe tree back inside the shoes so that any moisture is absorbed, and the shoes keep its shape. Read our shoe tree blog to find out more on what is a shoe tree and its benefits.

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