What is a "Patina" Shoe?

What is a "Patina" Shoe?

Definition: Patina • /ˈpatɪnə/

"A soft sheen that develops through use and exposure on the surface of the material which provides a character, a personality, to the product."

Patinating leather shoes is a subtlety and precision art. A hand-crafted process where a skilled artisan is creating the aesthetic beauty of your shoes. Through techniques such as application of creams, waxes, dyes, polish, and natural pigments. The goal is to achieve a patina born of rich colour and contrast, colour depth, colour sheerness, transparency, intensity and a naturally aged and wear appearance compared to a one solid colour shoes.

The process

First, the shoes are cleansed with a transparent polish, then with great care massaged using oils and waxes rich with natural pigments. Once the leather is refreshed then bringing out the depth and lustre of the craftsperson’s patina artistry comes the lengthy labour of colouring. Darkening specific areas and not others, enhanced colour pattern and creating that time worn effect, using a variety of tools to apply them: brushes of every size, sponges, and cloths. Once the colouring is perfected the shoes are then glazed. Glazing is the finished mirror shine look in areas of the leather such as the toe and heel to create a wow factor appeal.

Each pair of patinated leather shoes is hence a unique burnished sculpture as the colour and texture variation accomplished via singular handmade brushing is hard to repeat and therefore our shoes even through of the same article are never the same.

Each pair represents its own design and its own entity.

See our patinated shoe collection; signature story telling antique distressed leather look masterpieces that you get newly straight out from the box rather than waiting for this to happen over time.

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