Our Story

Who is Marc Brunell ?
Marc Brunell is a UK brand inspired by Sir Marc Isambard Brunel FRS FRSE 25 April 1769 – 12 December 1849.
Marc Isambard Brunel was a civil engineer by trade and an adventurous man who came to the idea at trying his luck as a shoemaker. The thought came to him because he saw the need for good quality shoes as some of the so-called best wouldn’t last very long. His desire and craftmanship led him to understanding shoe making and producing top quality shoes. He mastered his craft and soon developed first machinery of its kind mass batching soldier’s boots.
But before this could reach full production demand ceased due to the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

His story and legacy inspire us.
To understand, learn and master your art is what we have been doing over many generations and rightfully so we describe ourselves as shoemakers crafting elegant luxury shoes.

At Marc Brunell we use only the best premium raw materials with all our heart, love, and care we craft our best versions of shoes that are made to last with unrivalled comfort. Each time, every time. By putting trust in our shoes, we promise our accomplished hard work will bring you 100% satisfaction.

In our collection what you will see is perfection in traditionally crafted and our twist on the modern handmade men’s shoes.
Marc Brunell - a pair of shoes that is like no other.